Art | Arno Mayrhofer

During my Erasmus year at the University College Cork, Ireland I completed a final year project with the title "SPHysics in Theory and Practice". The outcome were serveral simulations and a new add-on, MyGeo. The following files were the result of my work:

# SPHysics.pdf
The paper "SPHysics in theory and practice".

# amplitude.rar
A program to calculate piston amplitudes.

# SPHysics.rar
The modified SPHysics (v 1.2) with included MyGeo (v 1.2).

# MyGeo_examples.rar
Some examples to demonstrate MyGeo.

As this project is now finished and no further work is planned on this specific tool, please refrain from any support requests. After finishing my stay in Ireland I was invited to the University of Vigo, Spain where I began working on advanced preprocessing tools. An overview of this work can be seen at the official SPHysics page. Please see also Blender SPHysics.